Chef Pedro Almeida

(Midori, Penha Longa Resort)

Inspired by his mother’s traditional Portuguese cooking and the fresh produce grown on the farms surrounding his childhood home, Pedro’s passion for the culinary arts began at a very early age and since he was very young there was no doubt in his mind that his future would involve pleasing the palate of others.

His love of Japanese cuisine, however, came later in life, whilst working with Paulo Morais, one of the best sushi chefs in Portugal at the time. Discipline, perseverance and attention to detail only served to further Pedro’s enthusiasm for Japanese gastronomy.

In 2011 Chef Pedro was in charge of the opening of MOMO restaurant at Casino Lisboa and shortly after was hired by Penha Longa Resort as Junior Sous Chef of Midori.

In this restaurant, Pedro Almeida discovered the inspiration and foundations for a fusion cuisine between Portugal and Japan. It was not long before he achieved the title of Head Chef of Midori restaurant and Executive Sous Chef of the entire resort.