Chef Eneko Atxa

The chef from Bilbao started his path in the gastronomy world at 15 years old, in the Culinary School of Leioa, Bizkaia, conciliating his studies with the job in the restaurant, where he learned about the traditional Basque cuisine. Later, he worked in several prestigious restaurants where he developed his own style. In 2005, after working as a kitchen chef in several restaurants, Eneko Atxa decided to open his own restaurant: Azurmendi ***, in Larrabetzu, close to Bilbao.

In 2016, Eneko Atxa created the culinary concept ENEKO, a growing network of restaurants in London (2016), Larrabetzu (2017), Tokyo (2017) and Bilbao (2018), so that the world could authentically experience the Basque cuisine. A return to the roots with unique creations, offering to each restaurant the basis of Eneko Atxa’s cuisine: flavour and technique.